Jet Tech

Yellow Aircraft Starfire Fuel Tank Set

 These tanks designed specifically for the Yellow Aircraft Starfire by John Albury consists of two saddle tanks carrying 28 oz. each (10' long, 2" wide and 3.75" tall), an under inlet duct tank of 14 oz. (4" long, 5.25" wide and 2" tall) and a tank to fit between the inlets with 14 oz.(6.75" long, 3.75" wide and 2" tall) The total set carries 84 oz. The tanks are assembled and pressure tested with Jet Tech O-ring style Fuel Fittings.

This Jet Tech Tank is assembled using standard 1/8" ID fuel fittings and vent.  If you need 3/16" ID fittings please tell me in the "Note" box at time of check out or email me.