Jet Tech

Do Jet Tech fuel tanks come assembled and ready to install?

Yes, all tanks are assembled and pressure tested before shipping.

Do Jet Tech fuel tanks have clunks included with the tanks?

No, most modelers have their preference for style and size of clunks that they prefer.

Can Jet Tech tanks be modified to fit another jet kit?

Yes, many tanks can be made shorter, longer, narrower or taller.  Prices will depend on the amount of work needed to modify the tank.

I need the tank in a hurry, can Jet Tech expedite my order?

Yes, Jet Tech can expedite your order if absolutely needed.  How fast you need your tank and depending on our production schedule will determine how soon and how much extra the tank will cost.

Can I use gasoline in my Jet Tech fuel tanks, or is jet fuel and kerosine the only fuels that I can use?

Jet Tech can make any of the fuel tanks to use gasoline.  Standard Jet Tech tanks use a resin that is kerosine and jet fuel safe but not safe for gasoline.  However if you email Jet Tech when you order your tank it can be made from a resin that is gasoline, kerosine and jet fuel safe for an additonal $5 per tank.