Jet Tech

Ultra Flash Evo Kevlar Tank

This tank has a larger capacity and eliminates the need for the saddle tanks used in the early versions of the flash Jets.  It measures 13.875" (352 mm) long x 5.75" (146 mm) wide at the front, 5" (127 mm) wide at the rear x 4.5" (114 mm) tall at the rear.  Capacity is 141 oz (4.18 L).  Modification of the inlet ducts is neccesary by shortening them to fit the tank as seen in the picture.  The tank is baffled to limit fuel movement. The tank capacity can be decreased, ask me in an email for details.

The tanks come fully assembled and pressure tested with standard 1/8" Jet Tech O-ring style fuel and vent fittings installed but does not include a clunk.  Clunks may be ordered separately on the "fuel fittings"  page.