Jet Tech

Header Fuel Tank 22 oz. High Flow

This tank is designed to be a Kevlar header tank used immediately before the turbine pump. This picture shows the header with 2 inlets/ vents, to be connected to 2 saddle tanks eliminating a "Y" connector and reducing the line drag and strain on the tank and turbine pump.  Why have a complete Kevlar system and not have a Kevlar header? This tank carries 22oz (6.0" long, 3.5" wide and 2" tall).The tank comes assembled and pressure tested and includes 2 vents and Jet Tech O-ring style Fuel Fitting.  

This Jet Tech Tank is assembled using a 3/16"" ID fuel fitting and 2- 3/16" ID vents. The picture only shows 1 vent, your tank will have 2- 3/16" ID Elbow vents.