Jet Tech

Grumania ME 262 1:4 Scale Fuel Tank Set

This set of custom Kevlar tanks is designed for use in the Grumania ME 262 1:4 scale kit. The set consists of 2 Kevlar tanks carrying 82 oz. each (7.0" long, 4.375" wide and 4.875" tall). Total fuel for the 2 tank set is 164 ounces (4.49 L) The tanks sit side by side at the CG and are assembled and pressure tested with the Jet Tech O-ring style 1/8" ID Standard size Fuel Fitting and vent installed. 

The tanks come fully assembled and pressure tested with standard 1/8" Jet Tech O-ring style fuel and vent fittings installed but does not include a clunk.  Clunks may be ordered separately on the "fuel fittings"  page.