Jet Tech

Falcon 120 Partitioned Fuel + Smoke Tank

 This tank is designed to fit into the FALCON 120 with a minor modification. The radio antenna tube needs to be removed to allow a wider space to get sufficient fuel storage. Partitioned Smoke and Fuel Tank carries 60oz fuel and 30oz of smoke oil.  The tank measures 12" long, 4" tall and 4" wide at the front and 3" wide at the rear. Shown here with JET TECH O-ring style fuel fittings as standard equipment.  

This Jet Tech Tank is assembled using standard 1/8" ID fuel fittings and vent.  If you need 3/16" ID fittings please tell me in the "Note" box at time of check out or email me.

If this tank will be used for gasoline based fuels instead of Jet A or kerosine fuel then you must also order Gasoline Proof in addition to your tank order.  This will notify Jet Tech that gasolione proof resin must be substituted.