Jet Tech

Boomerang Jets 80% Turbinator Fuel Tank

This is the Boomerang Jets 80% Turbinator Fuel Tank carrying 110 oz fuel.  The total tank capacity is 110 ounces (3.2 L) . Tank measures 10" (254 mm) Long x 4.375" (111.12 mm) High x 4.5" (114 mm) Wide.  This tank can be made narrower for less fuel, email me how much fuel you want to carry.  This tank sits over the CG of the Turbinator resulting in little or no trim changes with fuel burn.  The tank comes assembled and pressure tested with standard 1/8" fuel and vent fittings.  But no clunks  Clunk is available separately.  The picture shown below is the smoke and fuel partition version, your tank will have only one set of fittings.

If you need 3/16" ID High flow Fittings please make a notation in the note box at time of  check out.