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Airworld F-104 Extended Capacity Kevlar Fuel Tank

This Kevlar tank is an extended version of the stock original fuel tank that is supplied with the Airworld F-104. The tank is the same height and width as the original but has an added 4" (101 mm)  to the length.  This Extended Tank carries a total of 268 oz (7.92 Liters) which is useful with the larger turbines flying this aircraft.  The tank uses the same mounting rails in the fuselage and has no interference with any of the 104's internals.  This tank may be ordered with or with out fuel fittings installed, each builder having their own preferences.  Tank without fittings weighs 18 ounces (.51 kg)  

Contact me via email at if you are interested in ordering this tank with High Flow 3/16" ID fittings installed.