Jet Tech

Pilot Dolphin 71 Elliptical Kevlar Fuel Tank

This Kevlar tank is designed to fit into the Pilot Dolphin 71" jet kit with no modification and keeps the fuel over the CG.  It measures 5.4" tall, 9" long and 4.5" wide and carries 90 ounces. The tank comes fully assembled and pressure tested with fuel fitting and vent installed, but no clunk.  Clunks may be purchased additionally.  Pilot supplies the Dolphin Kit with a 4.5" diameter plastic tank that carries significantly less fuel.  

The tanks come fully assembled and pressure tested with standard 1/8" Jet Tech O-ring style fuel and vent fittings installed but does not include a clunk.  Clunks may be ordered separately on the "fuel fittings"  page.