Jet Tech

Boomerang Intro ER (Extended Range) Fuel + Smoke Partition Tank

 This tank is called the Intro ER +Smoke is designed by Paul Jacques to fit into the BOOMERANG INTRO with no modifications. The tank carries a capacity of 88 oz. divided into 21 oz. of Smoke oil and 67 oz. of Fuel, or other combinations may be special ordered. Shown here with JET TECH O-ring style fuel fittings as standard equipment. 

Tank measures 7.875" long, 4.675" tall at rear, 5.125" tall at front, 5" wide at front and rear.

The tank comes fully assembled and pressure tested with standard 1/8" Jet Tech O-ring style fuel and vent fittings installed but does not include a clunk.  Clunks may be ordered separately on the "fuel fittings"  page.